Carlo Aquino Clarifies His Priorities As of the Moment

CARLO AQUINO – Kapamilya actor Carlo Aquino revealed details about his relationship with his actress ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.

Banana Sundae actress Angelica Panganiban and The Better Half actor Carlo Aquino are ex-lovers. Based on a report, the two celebrities were a couple for six years.

Despite that their romantic relationship came to an end, Carlo and Angelica remained good friends. The actress even previously expressed that she and Carlo started as friends before they became lovers so there were no grudges when their romantic affair ended.

During his appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice, the actor expressed that he and Angge could have ended up with each other if they met when they are a little older. He is not closing his doors on the possibility of them getting back to each other.

Carlo Aquino, Angelica Panganiban

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Fans and supporters of Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban could not resist from rooting on the possibility that there would be a second chance for the both of them.

When asked about the possibility of her getting back to Carlo, Angge expressed that it is too early. The actor sided with the reaction of his ex-girlfriend. He is currently busy promoting his movie with actress Bela Padilla entitled Meet Me In St. Gallen.

Based on a recent report in Inquirer’s Bandera, Carlo Aquino told the source that courting is not yet in his mind. Citing Bela’s statement to him, he expressed that for now, he will focus on the blessings that are coming his way.

When asked if Angelica is his “first love”, the actor smiled and responded in the affirmative. With regards to the line “first love never dies”, he smiled again based on the report.

According to him, his care for Angge as a friend did not vanish. He admitted that he and the actress are communicating with each other even before when he was still in a relationship with Kristine Nieto.

Carlo Aquino stressed that his communication with Angelica Panganiban was never an issue between him and his then-girlfriend.

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