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4:27 PM October 17, 2017

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4:27 PM October 17, 2017

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Xander Ford finally meets his celebrity crush Andrea Brillantes.

XANDER FORD – The internet sensation Xander Ford has this priceless reaction upon meeting his celebrity crush Andrea Brillantes.

Ever since Xander Ford was born after Marlou Arizala underwent cosmetic surgery to enhance his physical features, his prominence to the people became better.

He even had his several guesting activities to particular shows.

And lately, he was able to appear at the “ASAP Chill Out” where he personally met his celebrity crush, the young star Andrea Brillantes.

A video of his interview was obtained from YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

According to a previous report, Xander Ford allegedly prefers young celebrities Andrea Brillantes and Seira Briones rather than Miles Ocampo.

In a Facebook page named Xander Ford Official, the former Hasht5 member indicated, “Sa totoo lang mas gusto kong kapartner si Andrea Brillantes o kaya si @seira. Kesa kay miles. Kasi masyadong common ang itsura nya.”

However, this remained an allegation.

And going back to the video, it is where Xander admitted that he had a crush on Andrea.

Alora asked him, “Siya ba talaga ang crush mo?”

Xander replied in astonishment of the people he is with, “Dati po.”

But accordingly, it was just a  joke as he defended, ‘Di joke lang. Sino ba naman po ang di magka-crush…”

And right there he admitted that he still admires the young actress.

Moreover, Xander Ford finally swooned when Alora asked Andrea if the young actress would like to be a part of Xander’s movie to which Andrea responded, “Oo naman. Ba’t ako hihindi di ba?”

Watch it below:

Here are some of the comments:

From Renee Margarette Dela PenaHindi sila bagay ang panget parin kahit nagparetoke

From Larica GayoAynako, Maris. Wag mo i-push yang XANDREA na yan! Dahil si DARREN LANG ANG BAGAY KAY ANDREA AT WALA NANG IBA! At ikaw naman Xander Ford, wag kang umasa na gusto kang maka-love team ni Andrea, wag feelingero bessy.

What can you say about this?

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