Nicole Scherzinger Walks Out After Simon Cowell Removes Filipino Group JBK In X-Factor UK

Nicole Scherzinger walked out after Simon Cowell eliminated JBK in X-Factor UK.

NICOLE SCHERZINGER – International star Nicole Scherzinger storms off the show when Simon Cowell removed the Filipino group JBK in The X-Factor UK.

The Filipino group JBK flew all the way from the Philippines and it seems their 24-hour flight was worth it when they got 4 “Yeses” from the judges of The X-Factor UK.

With their piece “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith, they got a slot in the competition.

In order to complete the six chairs, Simon has to undergo a tough decision and since it is really going tough, he decided to declare a sing-off.

And he chose the JBK and the Lemonade to compete for the final slot.

JBK, in the best that they could, sang the “I Can Love You Like That” and got an applaud from the crowd and a standing ovation from the other three judges.

While the Lemonade performed “Keep Your Inner Child Alive.”

And in the end, he made a decision and chooses the Lemonade – in Nicole’s great dismay whose bet is the JBK.

She stormed out of the show with her jacket on her head and left the judges unable to speak.

Check out their performances below:

Here are some of the comments:

From April Love O.I can see how really disappointed Nicole was! Look at her face. She loves Filipino people so much not only because she is one but also because of great talents that Filipinos have. We love you so much too Nicole for always supporting and for being so proud everytime you met talented Filipino.

From u LUVmeSimon did a good decision … JBK just went all over the place with that sing-off performance … (I’m Filipino too, but Lemonade’s harmony just proved they’re better)

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  1. It was a tough decision for Simon but I support him anyway the both groups can sing well but it was left up to him to pick so please no one so make it look like he was unfair he had to pick a team which he thought was the ?#simon????


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