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Nona Clemente, Nadine Lustre’s Aunt Shares Photo Of The Actress At Her Brother’s Wake

Nadine Lustre’s Aunt Nona Clemente Shares The Actress’ Photo During Her Brother Wake

Nona Clemente, the auntie of the Filipina actress Nadine Lustre while assisting the Holy Mass at her brother’s wake and wrote a heartfelt message for her.

Previously, the news regarding the death of Isaiah Lustre, the 16-year-old younger brother of the Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre has brought the social media by storm.

The Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) found the lifeless body of Isaiah in their house in Quezon City after he commits suicide through shooting himself, which prompted his death.

Nona Clemente

Most of the celebrities and the fans have expressed their condolences and sympathy to the family of Nadine, who was saddened by the sudden death of their loved ones.

Recently, Nona Clemente, the auntie of the 23-year-old actress has uploaded the photo of Nadine at the wake of his brother. She captioned the photo with:

Nona Clemente

“Thank you for showing strength for the family, Ate Nadine. “Shoutout to your friends who are helping you cope with sadness and help dismiss your fears and anxieties. “You are our rock in this time of great sorrow.”

Nona Clemente


Nona is the first cousin of Ulysses Lustre, the father of Nadine. She also expressed her gratitude towards the actress for being strong despite the tragedy faced by their family right now.

Nona Clemente

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