Aga Muhlach Reveals Something Unexpected About Charlene Gonzales

Aga Muhlach Has Shocking Revelation About His Wife Charlene Gonzales

The Filipino actor Aga Muhlach has shocking and unexpected revelation about his wife Charlene Gonzales that shocks everybody.

Ariel Aquino Muhlach or popularly known as Aga Muhlach is a Filipino multi-award winning actor and product endorser. He started his career in the showbiz industry as a child actor, which leads him to become one of the most prominent actors of his generation.

Recently, the actor revealed something unexpected about his wife Charlene Gonzales during the television show “Magandang Buhay,” which surprised everyone.

Aga Muhlach

The 48-year-old actor revealed that Charlene never became his girlfriends and explained that they were not in a relationship when proposed for marriage.

Muhlach said that a week before he flew to Singapore for taping, he told his mom that he will get married soon without revealing on whose gonna be his wife. He was shocked that her mother asked him if it was Charlene.

The celebrity explained that the people around noticed his concern and care for Charlene, so he started to make a move during their taping in Singapore for “Oki Doki Doc”.

Aga Muhlach

Aga Muhlach

The multi-winning award actor revealed that proposed to Charlene without an engagement ring and shocked when Gonzales said ‘Yes’, but left puzzled how the lady agreed to marry him.

“Maraming hindi nakakaalam nito. Kaya ako late lumalabas ng bahay parati because when we wake up every day since we got married, we will need three to four hours of talking every day. Not a single day na walang ganun talaga. That’s something that works for us. I am glad that it is like that,” said by Aga Muhlach quoted by ABS-CBN.

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  1. wow!!!! na shock ako, pero bagay na bagay kayong dalawa sana wlang katapusan ang inyong pgmamahalan, togehter with your two kids. at ska sana may kasunod pang anak pra dumami ang mga gwapo at gwapa sa mundo


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