Male Kapamilya Celebrities Reacts On Marlou Arizala’s Surgery

Marlou Arizala’s Cosmetic Surgery Draw Reactions From Male Kapamilya Celebrities

Male Kapamilya celebrities have shared their reactions regarding the surgical operation of Marlou Arizala to improve his physical appearance.

Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford has been one of the most controversial celebrities in different social media sites and pages after announcing that he will undergo a plastic surgery focusing on his nose and chin to improve his facial features.

The six-hour operation becomes successful leading the former boyband member of “Hasht5” to take a rest as a part of the healing process for his fast recovery.

Male Kapamilya Celebrities

However, the internet sensation is not yet ready to reveal his new face to the public due to the wounds he obtained during the surgical operation.

Unfortunately, the memes and photos of the alleged new face of Marlou spread like a wildfire in the social media, but the former Hasht5 members denied that he is the man on the viral pictures.

Recently, male Kapamilya celebrities such as Enrique Gil, Zeus Collins, and Nikko Natividad have shared their reactions about Marlou’s cosmetic surgery.

Male Kapamilya Celebrities

Enrique Gil said “Medyo kinakabahan na ko eh, kasi may kakompetensiya na ko dito! Baka mawalan ako ng ka-love team!” He was also hoping that the plastic surgery has a positive result for Marlou.

Male Kapamilya Celebrities

Zeus Collins was hoping that the operation would boost the confidence of the internet sensation. He was also expecting that girls would admire Xander Ford.

Male Kapamilya Celebrities

Nikko Natividad said “Hoping ako na siyempre, maging maayos yung kalalabasan talaga. Yun ang pinaka importante.”

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