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Vicki,Hayden’s Wedding Officiant Evangelist Ravi Zacharias Allegedly Files Lawsuit Over Online Affair Accusation To Him

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias allegedly files lawsuit over confidential online affair with a married woman.

RAVI ZACHARIAS – The evangelist Ravi Zacharias who reportedly officiated the Vicki-Hayden wedding allegedly filed confidential lawsuit over accusation of having an online affair with a married woman.

According to a previous report, the evangelist Ravi Zacharias is said to officiate the much-anticipated wedding of the year – the wedding of cosmetic doctors Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo.

Recently, the site received a message through Gmail from a certain Steve Baughman, who is claiming to be a lawyer at San Francisco and has been investigating the said evangelist for two years.

As per the letter received, the lawyer claimed that five weeks before the wedding, the evangelist has “filed a federal lawsuit in the state of Georgia against a married Canadian woman with whom he had been carrying on an online affair that involved him receiving nude photos.”

Allegations have also accordingly surfaced to which Zacharias had threatened to take his own life if the woman tells her husband about the affair.

A link has also been attached on the letter leading to a certain video posted on YouTube.

The video has been published on August 19, 2017 and it contains the letters and the documentations on claims about Ravi Zacharias.

On the video talking is a man who introduced himself as Steve Baughman.

He showed a ‘demand letter’ allegedly sent to the evangelist by a lawyer named Mark Bryant. In the paper is a phrase written indicating that it is “personal and extremely confidential”.

What’s written on the papers coincide with the claims of Baughman in the message sent to the site.

He said in the video that the letter sent by the lawyer to Ravi Zacharias raised the claim of the woman named Lori Anne. It is stated that the woman is about to tell his husband about their affair but the evangelist “responded through email that he would end his life and ‘bid this world goodbye'” if the woman will do it.

Baughman stressed that in the later part of the document, the sender demanded the evangelist a certified check with an amount of $5 million dollars so they would keep silent about the issue.

Baughman said in the video that in that legal case, he is on Ravi’s side.

But then, according to Baughman, the issue is not the legal status of Ravi Zacharias. He is more on his moral issues considering that Zacharias is an evangelist and this matter surfaced.

Baughman discussed on the video that on July 31st, Zacharias filed a federal lawsuit against the couple claiming that they have “conspired” for the “purpose of illegally extorting money from the Plaintiff” based on the video.

The files also discussed how Ravi met the couple to where he and the woman became a “friendly correspondence” to which she accordingly “repeatedly contacting him”.

It was also the woman who introduced “inappropriate topics into conversations with Plaintiff, and then eventually introduced s*xual topics” which eventually led to her sending him n*de photos based on the file.

Baughman raised the possibility that Ravi’s claims could be true. However, in the video, he also highlighted certain lines on the files that caught his attention. Those lines were spotted on the reply of the evangelist to Mr. Thompson.

Based on the video, Ravi said to Mr. Thompson that “to not continue what was wrong”, he went out of town when Lori Ann paid him a visit in Atlanta.

Baughman also stressed in the video that, aside from fleeing, there are other ways for Ravi if he really does not want to see the woman during her visit to Atlanta.

The legal argument went on to which the truth is still unidentifiable as to who among the two parties says the truth.

Watch the full video below and find out other big revelations about the case:

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