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BREAKING NEWS! Numerous Students From Iloilo City Believed To Be Possessed

More than 40 students from a national high school in Iloilo have been believed to be possessed.

Numerous students from the Banate National High School have been believed to be possessed and had become really controversial at the said local.

Photo from RMN Iloilo

According to the live reporting of the Facebook page RMN Iloilo, there were more or less than 20 students have been possessed and all of whom are females.

Based on the reporting, as seen on the video, media are not allowed to enter the church of the Banate and upon the entrance on the church, screaming  can be heard.

And at least four to five persons are assigned to each students who are “possessed” for they have unbelievably had greater strength.

On another post as follow up of the report, one student have been shouting, “IBALIK ANG BALAY KO”.

They have been informed that the institution is allegedly a cemetery going back to the Spanish era and upon growth and development for educational purposes, trees who have been there for the longest time have been cut for the rise of a new building.

Watch the video below:

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