LOOK: Medical Physicist ‘Karen Ibasco’ Hailed As Miss Philippines-Earth

Karen Ibasco was crowned as the Miss Philippines-Earth.

KAREN IBASCO – A 26-year-old medical physicist, Karen Ibasco, was crowned as the Miss Philippines-Earth at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City.

Based on a news report in Inquirer, there were 40 beautiful ladies who aspired to be the Miss Philippines-Earth. It was a 26-year-old medical physicist who hit the mark.

Ibasco finished as the winner of the beauty pageant that was held on Saturday in MOA Arena. She is now an ambassador for environmental protection.

Karen Ibasco, Miss Philippines-Earth
Photo Courtesy of Richard Reyes / Photo lifted from Inquirer

Based on the news report, speaking to the source, the 26-year-old Miss Philippines-Earth expressed that she is “representing the scientific community” as she joined the pageant.

Furthermore, the beauty also said that joining the pageant is also a way for her to promote public understanding over “the science behind climate change”.

Karen Ibasco who will serve as the country’s representative in the global Miss Earth beauty contest expressed that she really desire to let the people know about the things that they can do to save the Earth.

According to the news report, on the pageant’s final round, the top five contestants were asked about regarding the policies related to the environment which they desire to change.

The now-Miss Philippines-Earth expressed that what she wants to see is “to pass a carbon tax”. Ibasco expressed that through that, the country would be investing in renewable energy which can greatly help the world.

The 26-year-old medical physicist also expressed that she is grateful that the country has signed the Paris Treaty.

Based on the news report, other winners of the said event were Olongapo City’s Kim de Guzman who won as Miss Philippines-Air, Caloocan’s Jessica Marasigan who won as Miss Philippines-Water, Batangas’ Vanessa Mae Castillo who was crowned as Miss Philippines-Ecotourism, and Misamis Oriental’s Nellza Bautista who finished as Miss Philippines-Fire.

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