Regine Velasquez’s Gucci Shoes Has Unbelievable Price!

The price of Regine Velasquez’s Gucci pair of shoes will make your jaw drop!

The price of this new shoes of the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is really pricey and expensive.

A report from the Philippine Entertainment Portal was released and it featured the latest pair of foot wear bought by the Philippines’ one and only Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez.

Regine is one of the most prominent artist in the entertainment industry not just because she is great in acting but also at her best in the field of singing.

Accordingly to the released report, one of her favorite when it comes to designer brands is Gucci and no one knows her wealth as she even makes this brands as a gift to her close friends.

To name a few among her friends who have received a pricey gift from the artist are Jaya, Valeen Montenegro, and Terry Gian.

And her most recent Gucci shoes unbelievably priced by the Italian brand’s website at  £ 1,130 and when converted to peso, it is estimated to cost P72,400.

As written on the stated report, “A hybrid between two shoe styles, it has a cage effect front toe, black satin with metallic silver leather, and turquoise rose print leather lining.”

The shoes also features a beetle accessory embedded with crystals and enamel and the height of his measures fora total of  5.3 inches.

As seen and displayed on the Instagram account of the artist, people of the online community upon seeing it could not help but react and mostly were praises for the shoes.

The shoe is not just jaw-dropping on its price but also how the designs and the materials are intricately combined resulting to have a very gorgeous product.

Take a look at her shoes below:

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