MUST WATCH! Revelation From A Mindanaoan About Terrorist Attack: ‘We are not okay.”

A netizen from the Mindanao has a revelation as to their real situation on the place because of the terrorist attack.

REVELATION – Chito Samontina, a netizen from the Mindanao where a terrorist attack has been recently held reveals their real situation and his stand about the declared Martial Law on their place.

According to the video posted and shared by the netizen Chito Samontina on his Facebook account, the people of the Mindanao are not okay.

It just all started by his statement asking to where is the president of the Philippines.

They are not okay for one of their beautiful city, the Marawi,  has been attacked by the Maute Group.

Chito indicated on his video for several times that they are not okay even the Armed Forces of the Philippines declared that the condition there is already stabilized and is under control.

He said, “We are not okay knowing that the beautiful people of Lanao del Sur are being terrorized, locked indoors, while others were killed. We are not okay.”

They are really not okay! The crisis that the Marawi is facing right now is as well the crisis of the entire Mindanao and also the whole country.

But he is sure that “we will be okay”.

Then striking realizations followed that will surely open the hearts, mind and hearts of the viewers about the truth as to what is really happening to the country and to the Mindanao.

He believes that we will eventually be okay only if the people would educate themselves.

The Martial Law lifted on the entirety of Mindanao has indeed gathered different opinions from the people along with their so called ‘fear’.

But Chito said why would someone fear and be afraid of the law if it was imposed for the protection of the people and the security of the country?

He took his stand about the law and he agrees with it. It is for the people of the Mindanao.

And he said that if someone disagrees with the martial law, what they, the Mindanaoans hear is: “LET THERE BE NO PEACE IN MINDANAO!’

‘They are not afraid. They feel safe because that is how it should be. They trust the government.’

And going back to the question that started it all, “Where was the president?”

He answered his own questions and that is the president was at Russia for work and has to cut short his visit for his priority are his people and the country he rules.

And declared the law for the sake of everyone against terrorism.

Then, his next statements will really strike someone, for the real question according to him is “where are we?”

And he said that the people are in a place where they divide themselves because of personal interests.

“If we are not united, we are gonna fall as a nation.”

Indeed, tongue and words are powerful. Take time to reflect with this video:

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