Funny Reaction Of Netizen Over Martial Law Goes Viral

A video of a man with regards to the Martial Law went viral and hooked the attention of the online community.

MARTIAL LAW – The video of a guy with a funny reaction about the recently declared Martial Law of the president in the entirety of Mindanao went viral.

The above stated video was posted and shared by Mr. Tules Borning Cebugar on a social networking site, specifically, Facebook.

As seen on the video, the man obviously with an accent of a different local language, was complaining about the people who protests about the imposition of Martial Law in the whole island of Mindanao.

He was saying that it was also hard on the part of ‘Tatay Digong’, he was referring to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,  to impose such law.

The guy also stated and have made clarifications to its viewers that the president only did such sudden action only to protect his people and his country from the attacks of terrorists and rebel groups that may possibly cause chaos.

But then again, he pointed out that the said law is in Mindanao yet the people who complains are from the Luzon.

Funny as to how the way he said it but, he has a point and his thought makes sense.

He even added that what is the matter about having the law in Mindanao if you are from the island of Luzon. Next time, according to him, probably the Martial Law will be imposed not on any other place but on the respective houses of the complainants.

The man stated, “Puro kayo reklamo wala naman kayong nagawa sa Pilipinas.”

(You are all complains, you did not even do something for the Philippines.)

He jokingly added then that those who objects and protests better do something better rather than complaining.

Funny yet he somehow made sense.  Watch his video below:

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