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Heartbreaking Video Shows Man Hurting Woman While Kid Defends Her

A heartbreaking video went viral on the social media.

HEARTBREAKING VIDEO – A video showing a man intensely hurting a woman while a kid tries to defend her caught the attention of the netizens.

The heartbreaking video was posted on the Facebook page คลิปรอบโลก. Based on the caption, the other people who saw the incident wherein a mother is being hurt in front of a child just stood and watched.

In the video, it could be seen that the boy tries to defend the woman and slap the man who was intensely hurting her. He even punched, kicked, and dragged the woman on the floor in front of the child’s eyes.

Heartbreaking Video

Screengrabbed from the Video Posted on the Facebook Page คลิปรอบโลก

In the later part, it is visible that the woman stood and attempted to go to the child but the man grabbed her once again and continued hurting her.

It is really heartbreaking to see this kind of incident happening in front a young mind. Undeniably, it can cause trauma on the part of the little boy.

The video reached around 31 million views on the social media. Furthermore, it was shared by more than thirty three thousand netizens on the online platform.

Lots of netizens also expressed their reactions to the video through comments to the post.

According to a Facebook user, she was badly hurt upon seeing what was done to the woman and the “brave kid”.

A male netizen stated that a man should never beat a woman regardless of the reason most especially if it is his wife. As to the netizen, a man who cannot respect a woman is not a man.

One netizen stated in a comment that there is a possibility that the child will grew up hating the man for what he did.

In a comment to the post, a netizen expressed her disappointment towards the people “who did nothing to help the woman”.

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