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The List of Bar Topnotchers

BAR TOPNOTCHERS – The result of the November 2016 bar examination is fast approaching. Who do you think will make it to the top?

One of the most-awaited examination results is the result of Philippine bar examination which is the professional licensure examination for lawyers in the country.

The bar exam is regarded as one of the toughest and most challenging licensure examinations in the country.

Bar Topnotchers

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To top a bar exam is really something very significant. Do you want to know who are among those who made it?

Here is the list of the bar topnotchers from year 1950 up to year 2015 together with their average and the school where they came from.

1950 Carolina C. Griño 92.05 Special (Colegio de San Agustin and University of the Philippines)
1951 Vicente R. Acsay 92.25 University of Manila
1952 Pedro Samson C. Animas 94.25 University of the Philippines
1953 Leonardo A. Amores 94.05 University of Manila
1954 Florenz D. Regalado 96.7 San Beda College
1955 Tomas P. Matic, Jr. 90.55 Far Eastern University
1956 Francisco C. Catral 90.2 San Beda College
1957 Gregorio R. Castillo 89.15 University of the Philippines
1958 Manuel G. Abello 89.25 University of the Philippines
1959 Agustin O. Benitez 89.2 Far Eastern University
1960 Ismael Andres 91.7 Manuel L. Quezon University
1961 Avelino V. Cruz 90.95 San Beda College
1962 Deogracias G. Eufemio 90.8 University of the Philippines
1963 Cornelio C. Gison 86.35 Ateneo de Manila University
1964 Jesus P. Castelo 88.4 San Beda College
1965 Victor S. de la Serna 89.8 San Beda College
1966 Roberto V. San Jose 90.6 University of the Philippines
1967 Rodolfo D. Robles 89.6 San Beda College
1968 Oscar B. Glovasa 87.45 Divine Word College of Tagbilaran
1969 Ronaldo B. Zamora 87.3 University of the Philippines
1970 Romulo D. San Juan 87.5 Far Eastern University
1971 Henry R. Villarica 92.4 University of the Philippines
1972 Januario B. Soller, Jr. 87.13 Ateneo de Manila University
1973 Vicente R. Solis 90.3 Ateneo de Manila University
1974 Arturo D. Brion 91.65 Ateneo de Manila University
1975 Nicanor B. Padilla, Jr. 86.7 University of the East
1976 Enrique Y. Teehankee 90.8 University of the Philippines
1977 Virgilio B. Gesmundo 91.8 Ateneo de Manila University
1978 Cosme D. Rosell 92.475 University of the Philippines
1979 Gregorio M. Batiller, Jr. 91.4 Ateneo de Manila University
1980 Rafael R. Lagos 89.75 University of the Philippines
1981 Irene Ragodon-Guevarra 90.95 Ateneo de Manila University
1982 Ray C. Espinosa 90.95 Ateneo de Manila University
1983 Manuel Antonio J. Teehankee 91.4 Ateneo de Manila University
1984 Richard M. Chiu 92.85 Ateneo de Manila University
1985 Janette Susan L. Peña 89.4 University of the Philippines
1986 Laurence L. Go 88.6 Ateneo de Manila University
1987 Mario P. Victoriano 88.55 Ateneo de Manila University
1988 Maria Yvette O. Navarro 88.12 University of the Philippines
1989 Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo C. Teodoro, Jr. 86.185 University of the Philippines
1990 Aquilino L. Pimentel III 89.85 University of the Philippines
1991 Joseph P. San Pedro 89.95 Ateneo de Manila University
1992 Jayme A. Sy, Jr. 87 Ateneo de Manila University
1993 Anna Leah Fidelis T. Castañeda 88.325 Ateneo de Manila University
1994 Francisco Noel R. Fernandez 89.2 University of the Philippines
1995 Leonor Y. Dicdican 91.2 University of the Philippines
1996 Patricia-Ann T. Prodigalidad 90.6 University of the Philippines
1997 Ma. Cecilia H. Fernandez 90.025 University of the Philippines
1998 Janet B. Abuel 91.8 Baguio Colleges Foundation
1999 Edwin R. Enrile
Florin T. Hilbay
88.5 Ateneo de Manila University
University of the Philippines
2000 Eliseo M. Zuñiga, Jr. 90.6 University of the Philippines
2001 Rodolfo Ma. A. Ponferrada 93.8 University of the Philippines
2002 Arlene M. Maneja 92.9 University of Santo Tomas
2003 Aeneas Eli S. Diaz 88.53 Ateneo de Manila University
2004 January A. Sanchez 87.45 University of the Philippines
2005 Joan A. De Venecia 87.2 University of the Philippines
2006 Noel Neil Q. Malimban 87.6 University of the Cordilleras
2007 Mercedita L. Ona 83.55 Ateneo de Manila University
2008 Judy A. Lardizabal 85.7 San Sebastian College
2009 Reinier Paul R. Yebra 84.8 San Beda College
2010 Cesareo Antonio S. Singzon Jr. 89 Ateneo de Manila University
2011 Raoul Angelo D. Atadero 85.536 Ateneo de Manila University
2012 Ignatius Michael D. Ingles 85.64 Ateneo de Manila University
2013 Nielson G. Pangan 85.8 University of the Philippines
2014 Irene Mae B. Alcobilla 85.5 San Beda College
2015 Rachel Angeli B. Miranda 87.4 University of the Philippines

As of the present, lots of people are anticipating the results of the November 2016 bar exam. Whose name do you think will be listed next on the list of bar topnotchers?

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