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MUST WATCH: Girl Causes Serious Accident After Twerking Along the Side of the Road

A girl in Ukraine caused a serious vehicular accident after twerking along the side of the road.

She was busy twerking while her friend records her routine when all of a sudden, a motorcycle-car collision happened.

Watch the video below.

Warning: This video contains scenes not suitable for very young audiences. Parental guidance is advised.

The girl immediately stopped twerking after noticing the accident and seeing debris flying into the thin air.

Later, the girl along with her friend whose holding the camera and recording the video approached the motorcycle rider.

Fortunately, the motorcycle driver was able to survive. However, he accumulated a broken pelvis and fractured leg.

Authorities’ investigation revealed that the driver of the car figured unto the path where the motorcycle was headed.

The two were then rushed to a nearby hospital. Luckily the car driver was able to cope up and accumulated only minor injuries.

This video is a warning not just to motorists but also to all the people along the street.

It is a reminder that we should not make any distraction that will catch the attention of motorists because it may result in a serious or tragic accident.

It also warns motorists to be vigilant. As much as possible, don’t get distracted by the happenings outside the track. Focus on driving so that you will avoid such mishap.

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