An adorable baby from Olongapo City looks like Moana.

ADORABLE BABY – The Disney character Moana who is not only loved by children but as well as those who are fond of watching animated films seems like having a look-alike in reality.

The computer-animated family film Moana is undeniably loved by many people. Its producer is Walt Disney Animation Studios which is undeniably a giant in the field. It was the Walt Disney Pictures which released the Ron Clements and John Musker directed film.

The viewers hearts were caught by the story of the Polynesian tribe chief’s daughter who is determined and was picked by the ocean to give back a magical relic with the goddess.

adorable baby

Photo lifted from Cartoon Brew

Did you ever thought that Moana can actually have a look-alike in reality?

Recently, photos of an adorable baby who looks like Walt Disney’s Moana has reached Kami. The said baby is three months old.

According to netizen Ahnoron Slayor Aksehc who shared the photos of her adorable baby, the Moana look-alike baby from Olongapo City is a Filipina American Indian Portuguese.

Both of her parents are mixed – the mother is a Filipina-American while the father is an Indian-Portuguese.

“Moana is real,” she stated.

adorable baby

Screengrabbed from Kami (Photo Credit: Ahnoron Slayor Aksehc)

adorable baby

Screengrabbed from Kami (Photo Credit: Ahnoron Slayor Aksehc)

It was in Novemer 2016 when the animated film Moana was released in theaters in the United States.

Since 2002, it was the time again when Walt Disney Animation Studios was able to release two feature films in just a year. The other film released that has also undeniably gained praises is the Zootopia.

Moana has grossed around $638 across the globe and it during the 89th Academy Awards, it was able to hit two Academy Award nominations – Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song.

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