Japan Findings Shows E-Cigarettes Contains Substance Used For Embalming

E-Cigarettes Contains Harmful Substance, According To Japan Findings

Japan findings show that E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes contain a harmful substance called ‘Formaldehyde’, which is also used for embalming dead.

The electronic cigarette is one of the most popular portable electronic device used as an alternative in quitting cigarette smoking. This electronic device uses different types of flavored e-liquid, which vaporizes and inhales by users.

E-cigars is also known as Vape, which has been used as an alternative to tobacco. Studies, researches, and debates were associated regarding the health risks of using an e-cigarette. Most studies that the health risks of long-term use of vape were still unknown.


Nicotine, glycerine, glycol, propylene, and flavorings can be found in the e-liquid, but not all e-liquids contains nicotine.

Japan is currently investigating some e-cigarettes, which allegedly contains a harmful chemical called “Formaldehyde,” a substance which is primarily used in embalming dead. This substance was also used in producing industrial resins such as particle coatings and boards.

Formaldehyde contains is highly toxic to all animals, which ingesting 1 oz. of a solution containing 37 percent formaldehyde can lead to death.


Japan also finds that the device contains 10 times more formaldehyde that can cause myeloid leukemia. The researchers have studied the device and found to produce 1, 600 micrograms of formaldehyde per 15 puffs.

Japan’s Health Ministry officials admit that the e-cigar contains formaldehyde, but there’s no proof that it can cause leukemia and increase cancer risk.

“Our panel of experts will now look into what possible effects those substances could have on the health of e-cigarette users,” said by Noda of the Health Ministry’s Tobacco-free Initiative in Japan quoted by thehealthcenter.

E-cigar were also estimated 95 percent less harmful compared to cigarette smoking, according to the statement released by Public Health England.

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