Street Vendor Used Savings To Buy Smartphone For Daughter After Quitting School

A Street Vendor Used Entire Savings To Buy Smartphone For Daughter

A certain street vendor was forced to use all his saving just buy a smartphone for his daughter after quitting school for she was the only one who had not.

Nowadays, most people were very materialistic and focusing on achieving the things they don’t have. They were trying to impress other people with the stuff which they can’t really afford just to be updated on the trend.

Smartphone is one of the people’s obsessions, especially the younger generation. Most youths don’t let their phone leave their side and they were always checking their phone to be updated in the social media.

Street Vendor

A street vendor in Indonesia was forced to used his entire saving jus to buy his daughter a smartphone after quitting school. His daughter allegedly quit from school because she was the only one who does not have a smartphone in their class.

The vendor used his IDR 6M or about $640 to buy the smartphone, which he will give to his daughter in order she would get back to school and have a better future, according to Social Pees blog.

Many netizens give adorations and admiration to the selfless vendor, who’s willing to sacrifice for his child. But there are some netizens who slammed him and called him stupid for spoiling his daughter.

However, no one can judge the vendor’s situation especially if he only wanted his daughter to finish her studies and have a better future. All we can do for now is to hope that his sacrifice won’t go in vain and his daughter would appreciate his effort.

This story should take this story as a lesson to appreciate our parent’s effort despite all the hardships in life and realize that material things were not that necessary. What can you say about this vendor who used his saving just to buy a smartphone for his daughter?

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