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A creepy video crossed the social media platform.

CREEPY VIDEO – The stretchers are moving on their own in a provincial hospital in Rosario. Netizens got hooked by the video.

Recently, a video showing some strange events has crossed the social media platform. Based on the caption of the video which was posted on the Facebook page Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted, the video was taken in a provincial hospital in Rosario.

“Viral Video: The stretchers are moving alone in the provincial hospital of Rosario,” stated in the caption.

Creepy Video

Screengrabbed from Video Posted On Facebook page Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted

In the first part of the video, it could be seen that the dark-colored stretcher is moving alone. There was no visible person who tries to push or move it.

The movement of the hospital bed is really visible. It even reached the point that it fell on a lower surface and hit the ground.

In the later part of the video, it could be seen that the area is different compared to the area where the early part of the video was taken.

This time, a person appeared on the video. There was a white hospital bed not far enough from where the man stopped. After he’s done with his probable main intention in going to that area, he went close to the stretcher.

As he was moving close to the hospital bed, it moved away from him. The man just immediately walked away from the area.

The video went viral on the social media. It has already reached more than one thousand four hundred shares and ninety six thousand views.

There were several Facebook users who expressed their reaction to the video through comments.

According to a Facebook user who claimed to be a nursing student, incidents like this really happen in hospitals. He said that he has already experienced a lot of it.

“They are just fallen angels deceiving people that there are ghosts,” according to another netizen.

Meanwhile, lots of netizens expressed doubt on the truthfulness of the video. There were those who commented that they too can set up a video like that.

According to one netizen, he just needs a rope to do it and he no longer needs a ghost.

Undeniably, hospitals are considered by some people as some of the places wherein strange things might actually happen considering that everyday, there are people who might exactly die in the hospital.

It is also undeniable that there are people who believe in ghosts – and in the point of view of those who recognize their existence, it could be that certain ghosts were behind those movements of the stretchers.

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