Erap Estrada Calling Filipinos To Support Duterte Against Impeachment Complaints

Filipinos Must Support Duterte Against Impeachment Complaints, Estrada Says

On Monday (March 20, 2017), former president and Metro Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is calling all Filipinos to support President Duterte over impeachment complaints filed against him.

Last week, impeachment complaint was filed against President Rodrigo Duterte over alleged violations of human rights law for his bloody war on drugs amid Extrajudicial Killing (EJK) incidents, which killed around 7, 000 drug-suspects since he took office last July 2016.

Estrada was also slapped with impeachment complaints about alleged jueteng payoffs in the year 2000, during his term as the Philippine president. He was subjected to impeachment trials since December 07, 2000 up to January 16, 2001.

Impeachment Complaints

The House of the Representatives has 73 votes to impeach Estrada from the presidency for alleged corruption, violation of the constitution, betrayal of public trust, and bribery on November 13, 2000. Erap was evicted from the presidency on 2001.

He said that the current issues and controversies facing by Mr. Duterte remind him of his own ordeal. He also said that the country is lucky to have President Duterte, who’s willing to put his like at stake just to fight illegal drugs and make the Philippines a better country.

The Metro Manila mayor said that Filipinos might regret if President Duterte will be impeached from the presidency, recalling former President Cory Aquino and Church leaders publicly apologized to him after supporting the ouster plot against him.

Impeachment Complaints

Estrada is urging all Filipinos to support the current president because he does not want Duterte to suffer of what he have experienced during his term.

“I’m asking people to support President Duterte. He has the good intention. Dapat suportahan natin si President Duterte para talagang maubos itong mga drugs. Itong drugs ang number one enemy natin. I support him all the way,” said by Estrada quoted by Politics.

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