Cesar Montano Faces Complaints From Tourism Employees

Actor Cesar Montano Faces  Complaints From Tourism Employees For This Reason

Actor Cesar Montano is currently facing complaints from tourism employees over his alleged irresponsible actions as TPB operating officer.

Employees of Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) sent a formal letter to the Presidential Action Center (PACE) in the Office of the President filing their complaints TPB chief operating officer and actor Cesar Montano.

The actor faces a litany of complaints only 3 months after he was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as TPB chief. Montano allegedly misused his authority in spending millions of pesos in an unjustified contract and hiring his own staff, which is not necessary anymore.

Cesar Montano

TPB employees complain about Montano’s transaction with Carat Philippines amounting P11.2 million last January 18, 2017, where he performed as a guest singer with his nieces. There were also complaints against the actor for hiring team members, performing the same tasks by incumbent employees.

Montano hired his brother Rommel, a nephew of Rommel’s wife, daughter of his best friend, and his childhood friend was among the 17 consultants. The complaint also showed that Montano approves numerous proposals for concerts and entertainments without the consent of proper Department.

The complaint also mentioned that TPB released a cash amounting P16.5 million for a rally in supporting President Duterte in Manila Rizal Park last February 25, 2017, where Montano is one of the performer and Carat Philippines as producer.

Cesar Montano

The overseas concert of James Reid and Nadine Lustre amounting P12 million was sponsored by TPB. The complaint also mentioned that most of Montano’s trips were not related to TPB’s program, but the actor charged the expenses to the department.

The employees were also complaining about the errant behavior of Montano as the operating officer for leaving meetings earlier than schedules, neglecting to sign urgent documents, and being out of focus during meetings.

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