Big One Earthquake Could Possibly Strike Philippines From Feb. 24 – Mar. 8, 2017, Dutch Researcher Says

Dutch Researcher: Big One Earthquake Could Possibly Strike Philippines From Feb. 24 – Mar. 8, 2017, Due To  Planetary  Alignment

Big one earthquake could possibly strike the Philippines from February 24, 2017, to March 08, 2017, according to a Dutch researcher.

After the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) confirmed that ‘Big One’ earthquake might now strike at any time, a Dutch researcher named Frank Hoogerbeets claimed that a strong earthquake (possibly the ‘Big One’) could hit Metro Manila and its nearby provinces from February 24 to March 08, 2017.

The Dutch researcher’s prediction was due to 12 planetary alignments in just 2 weeks. This rare phenomenon was similar to the alignment of the 15 planets last December, which caused a 3 huge magnitude 7 earthquakes.

Big One Earthquake


Hoogerbeets uses a computer program called “Solpage” as his tool for forecasting earthquakes. He believes that position of the planets, alignments, and angles affect the movements of tectonic plates on earth.

The researcher also posted on Ditrianum website that planetary alignment increases the seismic activity with a probability of an 8+ magnitude earthquake around last week of February up to the first week of March.

He also named the countries prone to the mega-quake of about magnitude 8. The countries critical to the major earthquake are Philippine, Indonesia, Peru, West Coast of North America, Japan, and Indonesia. Planetary alignments started on February 24 up to March 07, 2017.

Big One Earthquake

Several scientists and geologists rejected Hoogerbeets claim that planetary alignments could trigger earthquakes. But the Dutch researcher proved his predictions were accurate due to earthquakes happened in the previous years, after the planetary alignments.

Big One Earthquake

The largest earthquake, which has a 9.5 magnitude on the world history was recorded in Chile. This quake happens after the three planets such as Mercury, Uranus, and Mars were lined up.

Do you really think that planetary alignment could possibly cause the ‘Big One’ earthquake? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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  1. in jesus name only god will knows of what happen.we are all continues praying that it will not happened in any countries.amen

  2. “No one can predict the earthquake,but it could be possible, even if you don’t believe we should prepare for that disaster.”

  3. Only god knows what will happen,now is march 8 and nothing’s happen,thank u lord!
    Dont believe on predictions!!
    Believe in God who creates in this world!


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