Read: An Open Letter To Jose Maria Sison, NPA Members Crosses The Social Media

An open letter to Joma Sison and the NPA members crossed the online platform.

READ – An open letter to Jose Maria Sison and all the members of the New People’s Army has crossed the social media.

Based on a recent news report in News Info Learn, an open letter to communist leader Joma Sison and the NPA members has been taken to the social media by Facebook user Eric Lozenzo.

Open Letter
NPA Rebels / Photo Credit: Edwin Espejo

Based on the said open letter, the person narrated his life story – how he worked, how he was able to put up a business, and how the NPA asked him for a revolutionary tax.

The person started the letter by emphasizing his hope that story will make Joma Sison and the NPA members “proud” of their actions.

Based on the open letter, for 25 years, he was in the Middle East to work for his family. He emphasized that he toiled “under the heat of the sun” abroad. Later on, he discovered that his “aging body” is no longer fit to fulfill his work.

In 2011, he went home to his “hometown in Negros Occidental” and he gambled his little savings for a business.

“My wife and I decided to open a small store selling agriculture supply products like fertilizers, certified seeds, chemicals, and other farm supplies and poultry and piggery feeds,” the man stated in the open letter.

The business put up by the man became successful. “I had to open two more branches after just 2 years,” he stated.

He also shared in the letter that he already has “five branches in 2 cities and 3 neighboring towns in central Negros Occidental”. His business has been known to the group.

According to the letter, last year, when he started with the sugarcane plantation, he received a letter which asks him for “a monthly revolutionary tax of three sacks of rice and five thousand pesos” from the group.

The supply of rice and the money do not seem to be a problem to the man based on the open letter. He is more confused about the action of the group to ask from somebody who works very hard to make a life.

“Is this making you proud? I am not a person who just gives away my possessions to useless people for free,”  the man stated.

He added that he can still live even if the group would intimidate him and his business. He also raised a quest on why he has to pay for a revolutionary tax when he is not a member of the revolutionary group.

“You are nothing but an opportunist and a social cancer. You, Bernabe Buscayno, Ninoy Aquino Jr, and other who founded and made your terrorist group exist until today are the worst thing happened into this beautiful country,” the man stated.

He ended the open letter with a vow to “live longer” so he can see the “agony” of the group.

Open Letter

Open Letter
Photos Screengrabbed from News Info Learn

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