Social Media News Site ‘Rappler’ Slammed By Antonio Contreras

Political Analyst Antonio Contreras Slams ‘Rappler’

Social media news site ‘Rappler’ has been slammed by a famous political analyst Antonio Contreras due to its low performance on Tuesday (February 02, 2017).

The political analyst slammed Rappler for becoming so low without knowing that people behind the site were now also trolls. Contreras doubt the integrity of Rappler as a new site because it is not a blogging site nor a mainstream media.

Contreras explained that people may sometimes wonder if the news site pretends a trolling center but posting a legitimate news sometimes.


Maria Ressa, founder of Rappler was imitating the Huffington Post, according to Contreras. Ressa were hiring fresh graduates as their news writers even they don’t even hold a degree in journalism. Those graduates came from different elite schools.

The news site is hoping that the bad attitude and exuberance of their writer could compensate the experience of the real journalist.  But the result of this method was very alarming to the public, according to Contreras.

The political analyst also said that Rappler’s writer was arrogant instead of being friendly and humble. He also compared Rappler’s writers to the previous journalists such as June Veneracion and Maki Pulido, who put their life at risk just to deliver a legitimate news.


He also said that the writers should accept corrections and criticism because it’s already a part of their job. He also said that the writers of the said news site argue with some netizens in the comment section of their news.

“Journalists are supposed to be ethical, objective and neutral. They should be above the fray, and should as much as possible take criticisms as part of the hazards of the profession. It is one thing to explain and another to attack. Yet on several occasions, writers of Rappler openly quarreled with netizens in the comment section of their news features in social media,” said by Contreras quoted by Dailynewsph.

Contreras also explained that Rappler had rapped itself in an ‘intenseful way’ and damage had been already done.

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