Scarborough Shoal Access Granted By China To Filipino Fishermen

Access To Scarborough Shoal Given By China To Filipino Fishermen

Scarborough Shoal access was granted by China to Filipino fishermen after the meeting of two presidents in Beijing this week.

A Philippine official said that China gives access to the Philippines in the disputed waters when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte meets the Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday (October 18, 2016) upon his arrival in Beijing, China and discussed his plans to raise the plight of Filipino fishermen in the South China Sea.

The disputed waters is a rich fishing ground seized by China and claimed as Huangyan Island and also claimed by the Philippines as Panatag Shoal in 2012. China prohibits Filipino fishermen to enter the disputed waters.

Filipino Fishermen


On July 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration denied the territorial claims of China in their so-called “South China Sea”, including its assertion of a 200-mile (320 km) exclusive economic zone around the disputed Spratly islands and it was declared by the court as a common fishing ground.

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