Watch: Baron Geisler Hitting UP Student Went Viral Online

Controversial actor Baron Geisler made headlines anew after he runs amuch on a set and hits a UP Diliman student due to delayed script. The actor can be seen ranting and choking a member of the student film crew in a latest viral video posted on Facebook. During the past few weeks Baron Geisler have been involved in various hitting incidents as he earned the nickname online as the “real badboy” in Philippine showbiz.

Khalil Verzosa Baron Geisler

According to the video that went viral on Facebook, the student director who was involved in the said video apologized for the delayed script and noted that they didn’t deserve the shocking treatment by the actor who was often involved in various controversies before.

The video was first posed by student director Khalil Versoza on his official Facebook account. In the said video Baron Geisler can be seen going full beast mode on a student production crew from the University of the Philippines-Diliman after the actor received his script late during a set of a certain movie.

Aside from the controversial ranting and cursing, the actor was also recorded choking one of the student film crew members while challenging the rest of the crew for a fist fight.

The student who became the latest victim of Baron Geisler clarified on their Facebook post that they handed out the script to Baron Geisler the morning of the shooting itself because they were pressed for time with other student matters.

According to Verzosa, the actor had no right to act the way he did – hence, his reason for uploading the video.

Watch the Controversial Video of Baron Geisler:

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