Sen. Marcos Feels Like a Presidential Candidate in Response to Aquino’s Tirade

Senator Bongbong Marcos, one of the strongest Vice Presidential candidate in the upcoming 2016 national elections based on the latest surveys conducted by Pulse Asia and SWS said on Monday that he feels like a presidential candidate after President Benigno S. Aquino keeps on attacking him.


The namesake of the late President Marcos was quoted as saying “I feel like I’m already a presidential candidate,” Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said on Monday in response to Pres. Aquino’s brickbats fired against him over his father’s Martial Law abuses.

During a campaign visit of the senator in Morong, Rizal the senator received a hearty applause from college students of the Tomas Claudio Colleges, one of the student even asked Marcos what he had to say to the President’s call that the Marcoses should not be allowed to return to power.

In response to the student question, the 58-year-old Bongbong Marcos said that the President’s remarks were not surprising given the rivalry of their fathers, the late Pres. Marcos and the late Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr.

The only son of President Marcos, considered as the most successful president in the Philippines aside from Pres. Magsaysay, was quoted as saying “Let’s look at our elections as judgment. Let the people judge who did something for the people, things that we still enjoy up to now and who stayed in power without doing anything,” Marcos.

The only son of the late president Marcos visited the vote-rich Rizal province yesterday and got the endorsement of the province’s kingpins led by long-time former Gov. Casimiro Ynares Jr.

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