Miho Nishida’s Daughter Joins “Goin Bulilit” Kiddie Show (Video)

Miho Nishida’s daughter, Aimi joined the cast of one of the country’s most popular kiddie gag show, “Goin’ Bulilit,” the show which was considered by some entertainment writers as the breeding grounds of Kapamilya’s most promising stars in the future.

Miho Daughter

Pinoy Big Brother big winner Miho Nishida was so grateful that her daughter was given the chance to shine in the popular kiddie show as she made her first appearance on Sunday’s edition of the kiddie program.

In the skit where Miho Nishida’s daughter was featured, a group of students were asked by their teacher about their ambition. One of the student said that she wants to be a doctor someday and when Nishida’s daughter turn, she replied that she wants to be a lawyer so that she can help others.

Miho Nishida and her fellow PBB finalist, Tommy Esguerra were also featured in one of the hottest series on “It’s Showtime,” the RealiSerye wherein she and her family were given a chance to stay inside the famous Pinoy Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, you can also watch Miho’s Duaghter, Aimi’s First Acting Skills by watching this Video.

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