Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) Ex-Boyfriend Before AlDub Revealed (Video)

The latest online sensation, Maine Mendoza or the famous Yaya Dub conquered and dominated social media for the past few days after her unprecedented popularity soars to greater heights when she was paired to Alden Richards.

The unexpected love team featuring Alden Richard and Yaya Dub became the hottest topics online nowadays but some netizens asked the real identity of Yaya Dub particularly her previous relationship.

Yaya Dub BF

Before the famous AlDub tandem, Yaya Dub was first seen on “Juan for All, All for Juan” as the Yaya of Lola Ni Dora which was played by Wally Bayola. Yaya Dub was known on the said segment to be a girl who always frowns and didn’t even know how to laugh despite the jokes of Jose and Paulo.

The popularity of Yaya Dub and Alden Richards started when one time the camera was flashed to Alden Richards and made Yaya Dub rattle, it was later discovered that Yaya Dub has a crush on Alden and started to smile and dubsmash some love songs for Alden.

Netizens were intrigued with the love story of Yaya Dub and her previous relationship, until a video was posted on YouTube and netizens speculates that one of those who were with Maine Mendoza was indeed her ex-boyfriend.

Watch the video below and discover who among them is Yaya Dub’s Ex-BF:

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