NAPOLCOM OLEASS for PNP Entrance & Promotional Exam April 2015 Now Open

The highly anticipated National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) enhanced On-Line Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS) will be open today, February 16, 2015 at exactly 12:00 PM. OLEASS will be activated on the websites or from today until February 20, 2015 for he Police Entrance Exams.


The announcement of NAPOLCOM OLEASS opening today was announced by Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer Eduardo Escueta. According to Escueta, the applications for the Police Police Promotional Examinations can be submitted from February 23-27, 2015 for the nationwide conduct of the PNP Entrance and Promotional Examinations on April 26, 2015.

NAPOLCOM OLEASS systematizes the scheduling of the processing of exam applications at the NAPOLCOM’s National Capital Region Office and 16 other regional offices nationwide. The National Police Commission also announced that the period for filing applications is from March 2 to 27, 2015.

Although the OLEASS will be open among qualified Filipinos who wants to join the PNP, the NAPOLCOM Regional Offices reserve the right to limit the number of examinees they will accommodate.

Only applicants with a confirmed scheduled appointment with reference number should be entertained during the PNP Entrace & Promotional Examination Filing of Applications which will be held starting on March 2, to March 27, 2015.

The examination fee is P400 for the PNP entrance and police officer examinations; P450 for senior police officer examination; P500 for police inspector examination; and P600 for police superintendent examination.

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  1. mam bakit off line parin sa on line application pra promotional?kanina pa ako 11 am hanggang nagyon di parin ako mka submit.close na po ba?

  2. Gud pm po! Bakit mag error kaagad ang website http://www.napolcom-ole(removed).com pagkatapos ko ma e submit yung na filled out for SPO.walang confirmation na lumabas…ilang bisis ko pong na e try…..anong dapat kung gawin?pls ……


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