Dwayne Wade Played Basketball With 90-Year-Old Pinay Fan (Viral Video)

Miami Heat’s all-star Dwyane Wade has fulfilled the wish of a 90-year-old Filipina fan by playing basketball with her. The avid Miami Heat fan, identified as Illuminada “Grandma Nelly” Magtoto, challenged the all-star guard through a post on Wade’s official Twitter account.

Watch the Viral Video of Dwyane Wade Playing with 90-Year-Old Pinay:


The Filipino fan who celebrated her 90th birthday, challenged the Miami Heat star player, Dwyane Wade last October 9, 2014, by posting a video of herself challenging the NBA basketball star.

The 32-year-old Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade, a former NBA MVP responded to the challenge of the 90-year-old Filipina fan as the two met last October 21, 2014 and traded basket with each other.

According to Dwyane Wade, he played with the Filipina fan as his valuable birthday gift to the die-hard Miami Heat fan who kept on supporting not only Dwyane Wade but the entire Miami Heat team, headed by Filipino-American coach Erik Spoelstra.

The video of Dwyane Wade and the 90-year-old Filipina fan, Illuminada “Grandma Nelly” Magtoto was posted on the official YouTube account of the Miami Heat. The video has gone viral already with more than 250,000 views since it was posted on October 21, 2014.

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