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12:57 PM October 18, 2014

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12:57 PM October 18, 2014

in: Entertainment
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The kapuso actress and daughter of veteran action star Robin Padilla, Kylie Padilla said that she chose her acting career over her Muslim beliefs. But she made it clear that she will not give up her religion

Kylie Padilla

In an  interview with PEP, Kylie Padilla admitted that there is a kissing between her and Alden Richards in the historical drama “Ilustrado”. When asked if it is allowed in her religion, she answered: “For the art na lang po, ang ginawa ko.”

Although the 21-year-old actress said in her past interviews that there are restrictions in her career due to his religion, Kylie Padilla seemed to be ready on embracing the work of an actress.

She admitted that a lot of her clients withdraw their offer because of her limitations so she does not want to happen it anymore. She added that she want to grow as an artist as her age grows.

Kylie Padilla said she tried to convert her religion but it was not pushed through because she cannot let go her Muslim religion. However, she chose to prioritize her career than her beliefs.

“Kasi ganito po ‘yan, gusto ko pong mag-convert sa iba. I did, I tried converting to another religion. Hindi ko siya naramdaman in full. Hindi ko siya naramdaman from the heart. Pero hindi, e. Nandun pa rin yung puso ko sa pagmu-Muslim, e. I can’t let that go. I can’t let pag-aartista go. So I have still have my choice. Pero ang pinili ko talaga pag-aartista,” she explained.

Kylie Padilla made it clear that she loves her religion and it would always be in her heart.

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