Nadine Lustre’s Okay Being Called As Kathryn Bernardo’s Copycat

Nadine Lustre says it’s just okay if she was told as Kathryn Bernado’s copycat. Lustre is now busy promoting her movie Talk Back and You’re Dead (TBYD) with James Reid and Joseph Marco.

Nadine Lustre had become famous as a TV host and singer. She also been one of the main cast of the movie “Diary ng Panget.”

Diary ng Panget

Meanwhile, according to Lustre, some people really called her as Kathryn’s copycat. But then, she is not affected.

The reason why she was told being Kathryn’s copycat is that she have some similarities with Kathryn’s personality. Her face is somewhat the same to Kathryn. Others are also saying that Lustre was copying the voice and style of Kathryn. But then, Lustre says that she can’t do anything about it. It is what she really was.

According to her, I guess, yung tipo ni Kath at yung sa akin, pansinin eh. Pero a lot of people naman are telling me I don’t [look exactly like her]. Siguro in some angles, I don’t. I really don’t bother naman.”

 Talk Back and You're Dead

As what she says, being compared to Kathryn also had its advantages. It’s because through it, people could actually notice her. Whether its good or bad thing, the fact that she was noticed was already good enough for her.

However, she also revealed that she’s actually doing some efforts so that she can somehow be make her own image, an image which is far from Kathryn’s. But then, she can’t deny the fact that they are almost the same in physical features.

Nadine also said that she’s open to the possibility of working with Kathryn in the future.

Her movie “Talk Back and You’re Dead” will be in theaters nationwide on August 20, 2014.

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