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9:54 AM August 9, 2014

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9:54 AM August 9, 2014

in: Entertainment
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Iñigo Pascual, the only son of showbiz star Piolo Pascual will be having his debut on the silver screen alongside a new breed of aspiring teen superstars that includes Julian Estrada and Sofia Andres. The three young stars were involved in a romantic comedy love triangle film.

Watch the Trailer Video of “Relax, It’s Just Pag-ibig”

The movie titled “Relax, It’s Just Pag-ibig” is directed by Irene Villamor and Antoinette Jadaone under Spring Films and will be distributed by Star Cinema.

The movie featuring Iñigo Pascual, tells the story of a 16-year-old student Josh, portrayed by Iñigo, who meet a fellow 16-year- old girl named Sari (Sofia Andres), who believes in a letter that tells the story of Salome and Elias. This particular Salome and Elisa promises a forever love under the Blue Moon.

At first Josh found Sari as something lunatic but in the long run he decided to join the lovely young lady to join her quest in finding it’s true love that put them in a journey to Leyte. Sari then, reunited with an old friend Kiko, portrayed by Julian Estrada, who admitted that he was seriously in love with Sari.

The love triangle between Josh, Sari and Kiko features a romantic comedy that showcased how somebody fought for his love even though he is up against a well deserved challenged.The movie “Relax, It’s Just Pag-ibig,” also features Ericka Villongco and Smokey Manaloto.

The debut movie of Iñigo Pascual will be out on nationwide cinema this coming September 10, 2014. Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter to get the latest updates regarding the first movie of Piolo Pascual’s son.

Inigo Pascual

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  • OmeeMallow September 12, 2014, 10:01 am

    When will be the showing of this Movie? We went to the cinema here in our place and the staff said that it’s not showing yet. We really want to see this movie and we are really disappointed. Please update us about the movie. Thanks.

  • Ace September 16, 2014, 3:14 am

    NOV. 10

  • angela October 8, 2014, 10:12 pm

    i wish i can see this movie at the theatres .. ~Toronto, Canada

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