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9:33 AM June 27, 2014

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9:33 AM June 27, 2014

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Kapamilya star Angel Locsin was chosen to portray the role of iconic Filipino superheroine Darna as it was confirmed to fly again this 2014.

Angel Locsin-Darna

The 29-year-old actress-model first played the character created by Mars Ravelo in 2005. The 2014 edition of the hit action series will be produced by Star Cinema which will be directed by Erik Matti.

Angel Locsin admitted that she was in shock after she learned that she’s going to reprise the iconic Pinay superheroine which she described as one of her biggest project.

However, Star Cinema refused to divulge some details regarding its remake of the hit action drama series which debuted through comics. The action series which landed in big screens and television has generated various versions and portrayal made by prominent stars in the country.

Darna was portrayed by over 15 popular stars in the country including its most recent edition with Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera in 2009.

Darna was among the characters which was acquired by Kapamilya network last year. Prior to its acquisition, Dyesebel, played by singer actress Anne Curtis was also part of the deal signed.

Darna features the story of female warrior hailed from Planet Marte who embodied a native from Earth named Narda who swallows a tiny meteorite in order to transform into the heroine to defend human beings from all evil.

The remake of the action series is expected to hit theaters this year.

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