Joshua Garcia’s Father Geo Garcia Visits PBB House (Video)

A father of one of the PBB All In housemates visited his son inside the famous yellow house. Joshua Garcia’s father, Geo Garcia took time to visit his son after more than 2 months of not seeing each other. The emotional scene was aired on Wednesday night, June 18, 2014 featuring the Joshua Garcia who was asked to freeze in his position.

Joshua Garcia

During the visit of Joshua Garcia’s father, the 16-year-old housemate from Batangas got an emotional advice from his dad regarding the teen’s current “love triangle” issue involving teen housemates Loisa Andalio and actress Jane Oineza.

Geo Garcia noted that his son got thinner for the past few days, he was quoted as saying “Pumayat ka ah, parang puso lang ang tumataba,” Daddy Geo said upon seeing his son. The father of Joshua Garcia also warn the younger Garcia, about the danger of falling in love easily and the importance of standing up for himself.

As the father and son shared the touching moment during the rare event of Joshua’s life with his father featured on nationwide TV, Joshua’s fellow housemates turned emotional particularly the two teens involved with him namely Jane Oineza and Loisa Andalio while celebrity housemate Nichole Baranda sobs.

After Joshua’s meeting with his father, he was then comforted with his fellow housemates who tried to console him while some of them wipe away their own tears.

Right after the episode aired, the show’s official hashtag #PBBTigilGalaw conquered the worldwide trending topics on microblogging site Twitter. Even after a few hours, the hashtag is still visible in Philippine Twitter trending topics.

Watch the full video of Joshua Garcia’s Father Visit to Him Inside the PBB.

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