PBB’s Alex Gonzaga & Axel Torres “Tampuhan” Trends Worldwide (Video)

PBB All In housemates Alex Gonzaga and Axel Torres was involved in a confrontation over a disagreement in the allocation of food due to limited budget after the PBB housemates failed on their first weekly task. The “Sassy Sister ng Rizal” was involved in a tiff with the basketball player and PBB’s “Jock Next Door,” Axel Torres.

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Alex Gonzaga Mang Juan

During the May 6 episode of the show on Tuesday, the housemates agree to equally distribute the prepared vegetables for lunch, to conserve their food to last the entire week.

The “Tampuhan” between Alex Gonzaga and Axel Torres started when Axel and some male housemates are about to open a bag of chips but Michele Gumabao suggests they save it for dinner or for when they are hungry, which Alex agrees with.

However, the guest housemate, Alex Gonzaga, who admittedly did not enjoy her lunch, then asks other housemates to eat the chips with her, just when Axel finishes his plate and leaves the dining area. Axel was offended and vents his anger at other housemates.

Alex Gonzaga then learned that Axel Torres was angry with her right after Fifth Solomon told her of the situation. The 26-year-old Alex Gonzaga almost cries at the confession room when she admits that she is bothered by having a tiff with anyone especially with one of her fellow housemates.

When Alex Gonzaga approaches Axel, Axel Torres admitted that he was hurt when TV host appeared to get what she wanted, Axel later cries when he admits that he might have overreacted. The guilty Alex says sorry repeatedly to Axel Torres and he was forgiven but in the confession room, Alex airs her concern that her relationship with Axel might now be strained.

Due to the “Tampuhan” issue between Alex Gonzaga and Axel Torres, the hashtag #PBBTampuhanBlues dominated the Twitter trending topics not only in the Philippines but worldwide. Aside from the said hashtag, the brand of the chips involved “Mang Juan” also made it to the top trending topics.

Watch the video of Alex Gonzaga and Axel Torres Tampuhan through the link provided below:

Alex Gonzaga vs. Axel Torres Tampuhan

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