PBB All In List of Official Housemates Revealed

The highly-anticipated revelation of the Pinoy Big Brother All In happened on Sunday, April 27, 2014 featuring housemates from the group of celebrities, teens and regulars.

PBB All In Names

The first two PBB All In housemates were revealed on ASAP 19, followed by the three housemates announced later. The first two housemates were Axel Torres and Jane Oineza. The other three were Cess Visitacion, Chevin Cecilio and celebrity daughter Phoemela Barranda while the rest of the housemates were revealed during the PBB All In Premier on April 27, 2014.

The PBB All In is the fifth regular and eleventh season overall of Pinoy Big Brother, the show which is hosted by John Prats, Toni Ganzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo and John Prats.

PBB All In Contestants

Here’s the the complete List of Official Housemates in PBB All In:

1. Axel Torres – “Jock-Next-Door ng Taguig”, 19
2. Jane Oineza – “Rising Celebriteen ng Quezon City”, 17

3. Cess Visitacion – “Biba Rakatera ng Valenzuela”, 23
4. Chevin Cecilio – “Simpatikong Salesman ng Cam Sur”, 22
5. Nichole Barranda – “Sweet Revelation ng Makati”, 15

Launching at PBB All In Premier:

6. Aina Solano – “Bombshell ng Boracay”, 21
7. Joshua Garcia – “Tatay’s Boy ng Batangas”, 16
8. Jayme – “Devoted Daughter ng Las Pinas”, 23
9. Manolo – “Wonder Son ng Quezon City”, 16
10. Maris – “Singing Sunshine ng Davao”, 16
11. Ranty Portento – “Maginoong Marino ng Quezon”, 26
12. Michelle Gumabao – “Spunky Spiker ng Quezon City”, 21
13. Jacob Benedicto – “Cutie Crooner ng Paranque”, 21
14. Loisa Andalio– “Talented Darling ng Paranaque”
15. Roberto Solomon IV – “Brad Bait ng Pasay”
16. Roberto Solomon V – “Brad Kulit ng Pasay”
17. Vickie Rushton – “Lady Mahinhin ng Bacolod”, 23
18. Alex Gonzaga – “Sassy Sister ng Rizal”, 26

A total of 18 housemates entered the country’s most popular reality show with host and actress Alex Gonzaga, the last to be called and enter the country’s most popular house.

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