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The worst singing video posted online has gone viral, only a few days after it was uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube. The video is titled “On The Floor” featuring YouTube user IceJJFish.

Watch the Worst Singing Video:


The video posted by IceJJFish has already garnered more than 1.6 million views and counting. The music video is now considered as the worst music video and singing voice online but got the reputation as of the fastest video to hit a million views by an ordinary YouTube user.

Some netizens considered the “On The Floor” singer as the next Rebecca Black for pulling of one of the cyber world’s worst music video. Visitors of YouTube even predicted that he will become a millionaire not only through YouTube but also all over MTV and other mainstream media and could even land his own TV show.

The YouTube user is identified as Ice JJ Fish and he is from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Some of the world’s most popular blogs such as HuffingtonPost run a story for Ice JJ Fish, which means he is not only popular on YouTube but also on various blogs.

According to the description of Ice JJ Fish, he is “comparable to the second coming of Jesus.. maybe even 2pac?” The music video “On The Floor” is produced by Headshots and features singer Ice JJ Fish with model Karen Vi.

Ice JJ Fish video


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