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“Thank You For Leaving” Roadside Billboard in Butuan Gone Viral

A photo showing “Thank You For Leaving” roadside billboard in Butuan highway uploaded by Facebook user identified as Ian Herbuena is currently making rounds in social networking site which gone viral online.

The message printed on a roadside billboard was courtesy of Coca-Cola as another sign embodied in the country featuring the bottling company’s product.

Some netizens who saw the photo on Facebook commented on the billboard sign and suggested that the correct message printed on the billboard must be “Thank You For Coming” or “Thank You For Visiting,” and others find the message comical and droll.

thank you for leaving butuan

The photo uploaded in Facebook is currently running on its stake. Meanwhile, some netizens speculated that the photo is just another product of photo shop, however the sign is not yet proven just an edited image.

Butuan is the name of the sour fruit locally called “batuan” where the former capital of Agusan del Norte got its name.

Butuan City also features its famous tourist attractions such as the Agusan River which hinted the place of origin of world’s biggest crocodile “Lolong” and other “Balangay” structures which can be found within Butuan as the city was dubbed as “Home of the Balangays.”

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