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SSS Released P11.02 Billion 13th-Month Bonus of Retirees - Philippine News

SSS Released P11.02 Billion 13th-Month Bonus of Retirees

The Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines announced on Friday, December 20, 2013 that it has released P11.02 billion covering the 13-month bonuses and pensions of nearly two million retirees for December 2013.


According to SSS the amount released by the agency represent an increase of seven percent from the P10.27 billion released by SSS for December, as part of the 13th month pension of 1.7 million pensioners.

The 13th month pay of SSS pensioners is equal to the amount of the regular monthly pension of retirees and survivor pensioners, while for disability pensioners this excludes the carer’s allowance.

According to SSS, funds for the December and 13th month pensions were released as early as November 15 to partner banks. SSS pensioners can withdraw their monthly pensions on a schedule base on the members’ contingency date for retirement, disability or death.

The SSS requested banks to disburse the 13th month pensions as early as the first week of December 2013. Other pensions were also released in the form of mailed checks with approved requests for exemption from the program due to valid reasons such as in accessibility of ATMs in their areas.

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