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Pantene’s WhipIt TV Commercial Video Went Viral

Pantene shampoo’s WhipIt TV commercial ad, which was featured in a popular US-based magazine-Time Magazine is circulating online via social media and social networking site.

The concept for Pantene’s latest commercial ad is to emphasize the difference between a man who is seen as  a “boss” and a “bossy” woman. It also signifies that men are “persuasive” while women are “pushy” and if a guy works late, therefore, he’s “dedicated” while a woman is the “selfish” one. Meanwhile, if a man walks pompously down the streets he is “smooth” while a woman represents as being “showy.”

The 90 second video advertisement was developed by advertising agency BBDO Guerrero which was also behind It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign.

Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for haircare at P&G, reported said, “We think that beauty is power. When you feel beautiful, you’re unstoppable. Pantene is not just in the haircare business. It’s in the personal success business.”

Pantene whipIt

It is stated in the video description that majority of men is considering that women must roll down their personality to be accepted as the haircare product aims to whip away contrasting principles between men and women.

The viral video also caught the attention of Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, who immediately shared the video.

“Pantene #WhipIt | Labels Against Women,” YouTube video was uploaded early in November and it already hit more than 5 million views.

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