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Bantayan Barangays List of Households and Municipal Relief Efforts

The Municipality of Bantayan through the official Facebook Page of Vince Escario announced that those who are intending to adopt a barangay in Bantayan should take note with the listings of the 25 barangays with their corresponding households.

Bantayan Barangays

Bantayan Multi-Purpose Hall (Photo: Merlai Abao Villaceran FB)

According to Vince Escario’s Facebook Page, the Municipality of Bantayan wish to request all donors’ groups to please refrain from going straight to the Barangays. They must first coordinate with the Local Government Unit of Bantayan. This is to avoid replication, overlapping operations, security problems and logistical headaches.

For those who wish to do medical missions, the municipality would prefer a mobile medical group that can either go to the island barangays covering 15 islets, or around the coastal barangays and into the inner barangays.

According to Escario, the people are focused on rebuilding their homes and their lives. They do not have the time and the resources for now to go to the town center to receive medical services. He also pleads to volunteers not to expect high end accommodations for we are in a state of calamity and comfort is the last thing they seek.

Here’s the Complete List of 25 barangays with the corresponding number of households:

1. Atop-Atop 671 households with 771 families
2. Baigad 450 households with 518 families
3. Baod 670 households with 771 families
4. Bantigue 1500 households with 1725 families
5. Binaobao 670 households with 771 families
6. Botigues (Island Barangay) 675 households with 776 families
7. Doong (Island Barangay) 650 households with 747 families
8. Guiwanon 800 household with 920 houhouseholds with 828 families
9. Hilotongan (Island Barangay) 720 households with 828 families
10. Kabac 998 households with 1147 families
11. Kabangbang 500 households with 575 families
12. Kampingganon 500 households with 575 families
13. Kangkaibe 670 households with 771 families
14. Lipayran (Island Barangay) 780 households with 897 families
15. Luyong Baybay (Island Barangay) 500 households with 575 families
16. Mojon 750 households with 862 families
17. Obo-ob 680 households with 782 families
18. Patao 1300 households with 1495 families
19. Putian 386 households with 444 families
20. Sillon 1004 households with 1155 families
21. Suba 842 households with 969 families
22. Sungko 900 households with 1035 families
23. Sulangan 1110 households with 1277 families
24. Tamiao 550 households with 633 families
25. Ticad 1450 households with 1668 families

Bangon Bantayan!

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About the author: Ed Umbao is a former tuba-gatherer from Bantayan Island. Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability.

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