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Tacloban City Updates on Super Typhoon Yolanda (Photos and Video)

World’s strongest typhoon ever in the year 2013, struck the city of Tacloban as of November 8 Friday.

Super Typhoon Yolanda with a storm signal number 4 brought a lot of destruction that whipped some of  the vital infrastructures of the city.

Tacloban is the economic center of Eastern Visayas region, with an economy largely focused on commerce, tourism, education, culture, and government in the region and several regional broadcasters are based in the city, including ABS-CBN.

The city and nearby villages as far as one kilometer from shore were flooded by the storm surge, that gave a tremendous impact and horrifying experience to the people of  Tacloban.

A journalist on the ground in Tacloban described chaos in the wake of Typhoon Yolanda, with “a lot of wounded” from the typhoon and hospitals unable to treat everyone due to the number of injured. The reporter also noted “looting everywhere” as people in Tacloban scramble for supplies, such as water.

According to the report, most of the buildings were unroofed and littered with fallen trees, other buildings collapsed, houses flattened to the ground, storm surges and landslides.

In a separate interview with radio dzBB, Secretary to the Cabinet Rene Almendras backed Balido’s statement, saying he also received reports of massive damage in Tacloban City, which led to the government’s decision to send a C-130 flight with relief goods to the city.

The terminal, the tower, including communication equipment, were also destroyed and it’s the reason why until now there’s no such information given yet because some area were still cut in communication lines.

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