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6:11 PM September 30, 2013

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6:11 PM September 30, 2013

in: Entertainment
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The Top Four Finalists of The Voice of the Philippines dominated the Top 14 slots of the Philippines iTunes charts as of Monday, September 30, led by Myk Perez original song, “Fix you,” the current No. 1 song for the second week in a row.

Although Myk Perez is popular on iTunes, Myk Perez finished at fourth place, garnering only with 12.81% of text and online votes plus music downloads.

Klarisse de Guzman currently stayed at No. 2 on iTunes charts, followed by Mitoy Yonting’s rock version of “Anak” at No. 3 spot. Myk Perez version of the song “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran landed at No. 4.

Mitoy Yonting’s original song “Bulag” landed at No. 5 spot in iTunes Philippines.

Here’s the complete list of the Top Four Artists Dominating the iTunes CHarts:

iTunes Philippines

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