Megan Young to Perform “Singkil” for “Dances of the World” (Miss World 2013)

The Philippine representative to the Miss World 2013 in Indonesia scored another achievement for her fellow Filipinos worldwide as she was chosen to perform a dance from their respective countries at the culminating event of Miss World 2013.

Megan Young Miss World 2013

On the Official Facebook Page of Miss World Philippines, Megan Young shared that she rehearsed for Dances of the World. The 23-year-old actress was quoted as saying that, “We rehearsed for Dances of the World. I’m proud to say that I was chosen to showcase my dance from the Philippines! I’ll be showcasing a dance called Singkil. I am very, very happy because I get to share this Filipino-Muslim dance to the WORLD,” Young said.

The dance Singkil originated from Lanao del Sur, it is a popular Maranao dance whose name is derived from the bells worn on the ankles of a Muslim princess. The performance is said to recount the epic legend of “Daranga.”

For Megan’s preparation of Singkil, she is trained by choreographer Carlos Buendia Jr. During the previous edition of the Miss World, the Dance of the World segment contestants perform a 30-second routine each during the coronation night.

This year, Young is reportedly joined as a finalist in the segment by the candidates of Chile, Nepal, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, Slovakia, Indonesia, China, Namibia and Ireland.

Watch the Dance of the World During the Miss World 2012:

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