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5:29 PM July 31, 2013

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5:29 PM July 31, 2013

in: Basketball
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Qatar national men’s basketball team revealed their official line-up for the FIBA Asia Championship 2013 hosted by the Philippines. The Qatar national men’s basketball team is reinforced by naturalized player Jarvis Hayes, the 10th overall pick during the 2003 NBA draft.

The national basketball team of Qatar won back to back bronze medals during the 2003 and 2005 edition of the FIBA Asia Championships and considered as one of the contenders from the Gulf countries. The team is already (–foul word(s) removed–)ured of their second-round ticket after Lebanon was suspended by FIBA.

Qatar Basketball

According to Qatar national basketball team coach Tom Wisman his team learned a lot from their defeats during their overseas training in Tunisia and they are raring to for the title citing the Philippines, Jordan, and Chinese Taipei as roadblocks to their dream of making it to Spain.

Here’s the complete line-up of Qatar National Basketball Team:

Head Coach:  Thomas ‘Tom’ Wisman (AUS/USA)

No. Given Name Family Name DOB Ht. Pos.
4 Mansour Atif Elhadary 12/04/1990 180 PG
5 Jarvis James Hayes 09/08/1981 198 SG /F
6 Saad Abdulrahman Ali 02/05/1985 193 SG
7 Daoud Musa Daoud 02/02/1982 193 PG/SG
8 Khalid Suliman Abdi 07/02/1987 198 F
9 Ali Turki Ali 10/01/1982 201 F
10 Y(–foul word(s) removed–)een Ismail Musa 12/08/1980 203 F
11 Erfan Ali Saeed 20/12/1983 201 F
12 Mohammed Seleem Abdulla 17/07/1982 201 C
13 Mohd Yousuf Mohammed 09/09/1982 205 C
14 Malek Salem Abdulla 13/05/1985 188 SG
15 Baker Ahmad Mohammed 11/08/1986 201 F



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