Ethel Booba & Victor Silayan Winner of Boracay Bodies


Controversial host and actress, Ethel Booba was declared as the winner of the Boracay Bodies Ultimate Party Girl during the TV5 reality show’s grand party aired last Saturday.

Victor Silayan on the other hand was named as Boracay Bodies Ultimate Party Guy. Ethel Booba and Victor Silayan were adjudged as Boracay Bodies’ Ultimate party couple in one of the top-rating reality series by TV5.

The 20-year-old Victor Silayan won a total of P500,000 cash prize and the title as Ultimate Party Guy. He was able to beat Luke Jickain, Joross Gamboa and Brent Javier.

The 36-year-old Ethel Booba captured the title as Ultimate Party Girl and brought home the P500,000 cash prize. She defeated Wendy Valdez, Helga Krapf and Krista Miller.

Victor Silayan Ethel Booba