PO1 Jessie Mallari Policeman Viral Photo Interviewed by ABS-CBN (Video)

PO1 Jessie Mallari of Davao City Police Office proved something that policeman is indeed comp(–foul word(s) removed–)ionate enough especially for those who are in dire need of their help.

A photo of Davao Policeman identified as PO1 Mallari became viral on social networking site Facebook since the day it was posted online. The commendable gesture of Davao City cops captured the attentions of netizens and the photo was even published in the front page of Sunstar Davao on March 25.

According to PO1 Jessie Mallari, the incident happened on Palm Sunday, when he saw an old man who had been sitting outside the San Pedro Cathedral since early morning and he noticed that blood coming out of a cut on the man’s head.

His act of kindness started when he put a bandage on the man’s head but the wound kept bleeding so he decided to put the man in a bus to keep him out of the sun. Without his knowledge his gesture was captured on camera. The young cop has been in the service for less than a year.

Here’s a video interview of ABS-CBN to PO1 Jessie Mallari:

Jessie Mallari Police


Jessie Mallari

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