Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao Losses His Balance and Knocked-Out

There are so many reasons why the “People’s Champ” Manny Pacquiao have been defeated on his fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. According to some Catholics the reasons why Manny have been defeated was his changed of religion and not bringing his lucky charm, the rosary, and not making the sign of the cross before his fight.

For some Christians who have been supporting Manny’s move to changed his faith, it was a sign of trials as a renewed Christian. Manny have been a vocal supporter of the Catholic faith ever since he started boxing but eventually learned to study the Bible and used his gifts to lead encourage more people to embraced his Faith.

Other reasons of his downfall was technical in nature, for the past few fights against Marquez, the Mexican have already used the stepping tactics against Manny and the same technique was used once again which caught Pacquiao flat-footed.

Juan Manuel Marquez had stepped on Manny’s foot so he losses his balance doubled with a strong punch that landed heavily on the chin of Pacquiao.

Here’s a photo of the Marquez and Pacquiao:

Reasons why Manny was Defeated

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2 thoughts on “Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao Losses His Balance and Knocked-Out”

  1. can you be more ****?

    religion has nothing to do with it, boxing does!

    And stepping? well, manny does that a lot, just check the 4th round when Marquez goes down, is because Manny stepped on him and JuanMA lost equilibrium…. the punch to the face made Manny unconcious…. not his feet.

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